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Review: The New Show That Has Amazed the Country


Free Beer keeps captivating our attention! The guys have not only released the new track and the new album, but they have also held an unbelievable show last weekend. This was a kind of a rehearsal of their new world tour and we were lucky to be the first to enjoy it!


"The Free Beer Announced the Upcoming World Tour Dates" - The Pulse


Free Beer fans will be excited to find out that their favorite music band has recently announced the upcoming world tour dates. The schedule is available at the official website of the band.


"New Hit Is Now On Air" - The Gram Mag


The popular Free Beer band have presented their new hit - Dreaming of You. The premiere has taken place on January 11, 2019 on Radio 2218 and is going to be on air for the upcoming three weeks.


"The New Album Is On Its Way" - Muse Fan Hits


Right after the release of the new hit - Dreaming of You - Free Beer band have announced the release of their new fifth album. They assured that it is on its way now and is going to be available for sale in less than a month. Can’t wait to get it!!!!